Emergency Services

Committed to providing the highest quality medical care to all who come through our doors.

OSU Medical Center provides  Level 3 trauma services capable of treating advanced trauma patients from Tulsa and the surrounding region.  A full-time staff of nine board certified emergency medicine physicians provides the core medical direction for the unit.

The Emergency Department prides itself on seeing all patients quickly and efficiently.  They average time from check in until being seen by a physician is 15 minutes. This allows our patients to get their problems addressed more quickly. Every patient care room in the Emergency Department has the equipment necessary for continuous cardiac monitoring, which allows us to fully evaluate patients with complaints of chest pain and respond quickly and efficiently to cardiac emergencies. In addition, the emergency department provides an Urgent Care Fast Track area which allows us to reduce wait time for those non-emergent cases.  

Specialists from 10 different areas including internal medicine, orthopedics, ENT, pediatrics, surgery, ophthalmology, GI, cardiology, interventional radiology and OB/GYN are on call 24 hours a day to provide consultation with the emergency department physicians.

The OSUMC nursing staff is one of the most highly skilled groups in Tulsa with a large percentage of staff members possessing advanced certification in emergency care.

Recent Improvements of the Emergency Department

  • Four new patient care rooms have been added.
  • These areas have been completely renovated: The Emergency waiting area (Lobby), Emergency Department Admissions/Check-In, Four rooms for Fast Track admissions and shorter stays
  • The Physicians Consultation Room was renovated and more space was added.
  • A new faculty office was added for physicians who serve both as physicians in the Emergency Department and as faculty members for OSU-CHS.
  • To facilitate resident education, a new training room was built. The training room soon will be equipped with new equipment enhancing audio and visual capabilities.
  • The OSUMC Security Department headquarters was renovated and is housed in the ED Waiting Room/Lobby.
  • Two private rooms will offer privacy and security for psychiatric and physical evaluations.

Highest Rated Emergency Department for Patient Satisfaction by HealthStream Research, 2009