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New Family and Sports Medicine Physician Joins OSU Medical Center

After two immediate family members were diagnosed with chronic medical conditions when Dr. Britney Else was just 6 years old, she knew she wanted to study medicine. “I continued to love science and realized my career path as a physician in life science class as a seventh grader and as a varsity and collegiate athlete

OSU Medical Center Adopts Real-time Blood Flow Imaging to Improve Treatment for Non-healing Wounds

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Medical Center is proud to be one of the first in the state offering a new way to treat patients suffering from wounds that won’t heal. Physicians at OSU Medical Center are now performing fluorescence microangiography using the LUNA System, which is a new technology used to assess blow flow in chronic, non-healing wounds and diabetic foot ulcers. The system makes patients’ blood glow for better visualization. “When I can get a clear and precise image of the way my patients’ blood is flowing, I can easily tell if their arteries are working properly or not,” said Dr. Blackwell, medical director of Tulsa Wound Care Center. “This real-time visual let’s me know if the patient has good enough blood flow to heal the wound. I can create a better care plan based on this information.” Ensuring adequate blood supply to tissue is critical to enabling a patient’s wound to heal. Despite excellent treatment techniques, diabetics and patients with other debilitating conditions often suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds. Complications from chronic wounds may include necrosis (loss of blood tissue), infection, partial or total limb amputation and the need for repeat surgery. With fluorescence microangiography using the LUNA System, however, doctors can perform assessments of blood flow to the wound, utilize real-time information to define treatment plans, optimize patient recovery and reduce the frequency of these complications. The new procedure is performed at Tulsa Wound Care Center located at OSU Medical Center: 744 W 9th St, Tulsa, OK 74014. The clinic can be reached at 918-599-5874.

Aug. 18, 2015, Tulsa